Mrs. Somdatta Das

I consider myself fortunate to write about a great teacher, Mr.Rohiet Sarren. Mr.Sarren is a perfect guide and mentor for the students who are in the critical phases of preparing for their board exams.

I am in the teaching profession for the last 20 years, and hence I was very particular about my sons’ studies. Initially I was hesitant to put them in coaching classes but ultimately decided to enrol them in Vidya Mandir. Soon after getting them admitted in the centre, I realized that it is the ideal place to inculcate punctuality and discipline in a student’s daily routine. The system of continuous assessment through regular examinations that is followed in Vidya Mandir makes the students better-equipped to appear for both the board and the competitive exams.

I would like to thank Sir specially for the counselling sessions with my sons regarding their concentration levels and presentation in the exam papers. Vidya Mandir is the centre which maximise the student’s potential of performance and provide a strong support in their transitional years of academics.

I wish success to all the students of Vidya Mandir under the able guidance of one of the most rare and experienced teachers, Mr. Rohiet Sarren.

Mother of-

Abhradeep Das (Fourth Year student of B.Tech Biotechnology, VIT, Vellore) &

Adriraj Das (First Year student of B.Tech Mechanical Engineering, VIT, Vellore)

Dr. Sumita Batra

I met Mr. Rohiet Sarren in 2002 when my daughter was 2 years old. I was deeply impressed with his passion for teaching and acquiring knowledge. The decision for my daughter was made on the spot but implemented 12 years later when she joined Vidyamandir in her 9th std in Nov 2014. She was in Hutching’s high school then. Mathematics was her worst enemy and she had all the plans to drop it after 10th std. The impact of Rohiet Sir’s teaching was such that her grades started improving and so did her concepts and interest in Mathematics. She herself was amazed at her 10th board examinations result (90% in Maths) and gives all the credit to Rohiet Sir. While continuing in Vidyamandir, she has passed her 12th std (City International school) with very good marks (90% in Maths, 89% in Physics & 87% in Chemistry) and is planning to pursue a career in Mathematics. This was the transformation.

She was a very obedient, honest and sincere child before joining Vidyamandir but now she has additional qualities of discipline and hardwork,.inculcated by the curriculum and environment of Vidyamandir. We, as mother and daughter, have high regards for Rohiet Sir as he is not in the race of marks like other institutes but takes all the efforts to help students attain knowledge and achieve excellence (and marks follow). He prepares the students for life and not only for boards.

Priyanka Kadaganchi

Joining Vidya Mandir was one of the best decision. Sarin sir is a blessing in disguise. His maths and physics skills can make any hard topic look easy.
I wish I knew about Vidya Mandir earlier as it would have made my mathematics and science base stronger but nevertheless joining in 12th did make a lot of difference!
Thank you so much sir and mam for your constant support and guidance.
Jai Hind!

Shardul Purandare

Joining Vidya Mandir was a turning point in my. When I joined in the 9th standard batch, I was way too different than the person I am today. Being here for 4 years, I’ve learnt from both, my mistakes as well as from other’s. I believe it was the best decision to join VM because I had an amazing transition in both, my personality and my marks. Also, I’ve learnt how to use common sense because of Rohit sir.
The way all the teachers helped all of us in the batch by pinpointing each and everyone’s drawbacks and the way they tackled them with individual attention, I think Vidya Mandir is the only educational institution which has done so with a great tact. VM successfully instilled a sense of moral responsibility in all of us and taught us that you can have fun when you work with diligence and to never feel shy in asking for help and of course, a sense of patriotism.
Frankly, I’m much more happy about the personality I hold than the marks being reflected in my report card.
And for that, I thank you Rohit sir, Garima ma’am and Sonali ma’am. I wish Vidya Mandir could reach out to as many people as possible because each and every student has a right to get one of the most qualified and the best teachers.
Thank you very much for investing 4 years of your life in mine.
Jay Hind

Muskaan Shivani

Joining Vidya Mandir was one of the best decisions I ever made. My hatred for math changed into love when I met Rohit sir. Thank you sir for not only helping all of your students academically but also for helping us to grow individually to become good human beings. From sharing your personal experiences to going an extra mile to help us, we all are grateful for everything you’ve done for us.
It is easy to take you for granted but it is difficult to forget your inspirational words. It is easy to misbehave in class but it is difficult to overlook your motivational advice. It is easy to spot annoyance in your behaviour but it is difficult to realise the patience you have while dealing with us. So thank you Rohit sir, Garima maam, Sonali maam for overlooking our EASY’s and never forgetting to do your DIFFICULT’S.

Srishti Batra

It is said that a teacher takes our hand, opens our mind and touches our heart and all these are the qualities that only a teacher like Rohit sir can have. I had joined Vidya Mandir in 9th std .I used to fear maths which made me hate that subject, I used to be very bad at maths so much that I used to pass just by one or two marks.
After joining Vidya Mandir and giving the first maths test there(in which I got 25 out of 30 which was a big deal for a student like me)sir told me” Agar aise hi ache se padhte rahe to boards mein 90 aa jaayenge” I thought in my mind this was an easy chapter that’s why he is so confident and he will get to know the actual situation in the next few months but it didn’t happen I used to get good marks in most of the tests although in some tests my performance was average but I was happy but this was not the case with Sir he was still not satisfied he expected a better performance. One day Sir asked me why don’t you ask any doubts in the class and I didn’t tell him anything but my mother told him the truth that I was scared of him and then Sir called me separately one day and talked to me and told me there’s nothing to be scared of and that I can ask him any number of doubts and from then till date I ask all my doubts and get them cleared which has improved my concepts.
In 9th I was not that serious about the homework but one day Sir conducted his surprise check and caught all of us he didn’t scold me but I was feeling ashamed. I told myself that from now onwards I’ll complete my homework on daily basis and I stuck to that and saw the results in the 10th board exams in which I got 90 in maths with a total percentage of 91%. I joined Vidya Mandir in 11th std as well and after learning from my past mistakes I ask my doubts without any fear and also do my homework on daily basis and I have improved a lot. Now I love maths and I look forward to the maths classes with Sir. For Sir marks never matter it is always the concept that matters. He always tells that concepts are more important and if concepts are clear there is no doubt that you’ll get excellent marks. Sir is a great teacher he treats his students just like his own children, he is strict at times but it’s only for our benefit. He loves his profession and is passionate about teaching. All the students love and respect Sir a lot. I feel Vidya Mandir is the best place for a student and Sir is the best person for guidance regarding anything in this world. Thank you Sir for giving such a wonderful experience of learning.
Jai Hind!!

Brahma Pavse

Definitely the best place to immerse yourself in an environment of knowledge and support!!

I have known Sir for over 5 years now and was a part of VM for about 3 (till and including 12th grade). Every step of the way, I learned something new – in terms of academics and just approach to life. Apart from gaining the knowledge to do well on the exams, you gain a solid and robust friendship that can definitely last a lifetime with Sir. I continue to seek advice and share my advancements with Sir and I am always met with the sincere and warm encouragement that I received during my time at VM.

It is always great to be challenged. When you are challenged, you know you are learning something. VM was definitely that place for me. We never settled on the most intuitive problems in NCERT but expanded to other problem sets that required more critical thinking. I personally enjoyed that style because I felt I was being pushed to do my best and that is definitely a type of place you want. VM for sure meets that requirement at all levels.

Sir has definitely established a culture that is superbly beneficial to the student and his/her parents. You can be assured that you will be watched after with care and concern at VM.

I highly recommend this esteemed institution if you are looking for a place that fosters and enhances your current skills and substantially adds many more! 10/10 all the way!

Keneesha Sahu

All my life, I’ve only ever known two temples.
First, is the temple of my mind, which I have come to know is very vast and utterly compelling.
The second one is rather common but also rare, in some aspects. Only a few, know it’s true worth.
If you are thinking of the religious temple, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. It’s actually a library.
But, it seems that life never fails to surprise me, as it has shown me my third temple. A doorway to a completely new dimension. It’s as if all my stress, worries, and problems refuse to follow me through that doorway. It has quickly become my solace. And also one of my priorities.
This temple has a name, Vidya Mandir.
And I’m writing this mail to show my gratitude towards you, for creating such a wonderful temple of knowledge.
A faithful knowledge lover and student,
Keneesha Sahu
P.S.: Going to V.M. has become such an integral part of my schedule that not going makes me feel unexpected sadness.

Anvita Upadhyay

My journey in Vidya Mandir started in 9th Standard way back in 2005 with math classes by Sarin Sir, cycling to class every day after school. It instilled in me a passion for mathematics and science which carries on till date. I knew 9th and 10th boards were a cakewalk because of Sarin sir and Garima Ma’am. As I entered 11th and 12th, I knew that my first choice would be joining Vidya Mandir as opposed to the prevailing opinion that joining an “IIT” class would be a better choice for your competitive exams. Sarin Sir prepared us for AIEEE and Maharashtra CETs equally well as he did for the 12th board exams and I learnt that being thorough with your basic knowledge is most important in the long run. I had a good choice of engineering colleges to choose from, which eventually landed me a job at John Deere where I worked for three years. I have fond memories of Vidya Mandir and it was an important part of my school life. Both Sir and Mam always went that extra mile to know their students on a personal level too. I felt so special when I met Garima Mam at the airport more than a year back and she immediately called up Sir and we chatted after a long time. As I write this feedback, I reminisce and am grateful to Vidya Mandir for life as I pursue my masters in Electrical Engineering at University at Buffalo, SUNY. I wish Sarin Sir and Garima Mam, all the very best for the expansion and development of Vidya Mandir which has come a long way because of their hard work and dedication. It feels proud to have been a part of this institution.

Gaurika Singhal

Rohit Sir made me realise my love for mathematics and my logical reasoning skills; He always encouraged me to do better. I used to look forward to maths classes and by the end of 9th and 10th, I loved solving RD Sharma, so much so that I used to do is as a pastime activity!
I’m now in my fourth year at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and I take pride in taking up big, messy, versatile problems and using my design skills to tackle them. I will always be grateful to Vidya Mandir and Rohit Sir for making me feel confident and smart and helping me excel.

Cyna Bhathena

Sarin Sir is one of the best to learn from! 11 years and yet to find a math teacher as good

Brahmani Nekkanti

It has always been ten steps more than just academics here. A premier institute, always going the extra mile for us. I still vividly remember the day I figured I wasn’t just average at math, I was a beast. And all I needed was the push that Rohiet sir so subtly yet firmly gave me. Teaching, not just in a way that they know best, but in ways that the students didn’t even know they wanted.

Pankhuri Akhil

Thank u Sarin sir…it is because of you that I developed a liking for maths…From starting with 9/30…you helped me in achieving 30/30.. ☺….The fear of Maths is finally over…and I am glad I joined Vidya Mandir…coz it made my foundation strong

Varun Bablani

The best institute to get Maths Coaching 🙂 Even after 6 years, I miss the Vidya Mandir Environment. The journey from scoring 59 in 9th without Vidya Mandir to scoring 95 in 10th grade after learning from Sarin Sir is unforgettable.

Saanchi Gangwani

Vidya mandir is the best place to explore yourself ….with teachers like Rohiet sir and Garima ma’am everything seemed very easy … Every lecture was fun and I miss coming to Vidya Mandir everyday and being taught by sir and ma’am.I would like to thank VM  for the guidance and the excellent support it  provided through sir’s lectures and test series which enabled me to score 94% in science and 97% in mathematics in my 10 th ICSE board examinations.

I am currently pursuing a BTech degree in Information Technology from VIT, Vellore.

Thanks Vidya Mandir for the amazing experience and memories !!

Nitin Purandare F/O Shardul Purandare

It was a great decision to put our son Shardul in Vidyamandir for 11/12 Classes. Nice guidance and dedicated teachers ensured that the kid stayed on track and achieved desirable grades/standards in exams. Thanks again. Keep it up Vidya Mandir.

Mrs. Sunita Mukar

As a parent, I would like to applaud and appreciate the effort of Mr. Rohiet Sarren and his team. It was a wonderful experience. I would like to appreciate the discipline and personal touch with the parents aspect.  A big thanks to u and your team sir.

Neel Parekh

I joined Vidya Mandir 3 years back. Prior to that I wasn’t very good at maths. And to be honest, I hated the subject. That changed soon enough though… Few months into the course and my entire perspective of the subject took a complete u-turn… This is largely due to Rohit sir. He helped me reach my full potential, for which I will be forever grateful. (I used to find him quite intimidating… Still do in fact…)
As for science, I always liked the subject.
Coming to VM just increased my interest.
Garima ma’am is an excellent teacher. I used to look forward to her lectures…
I learnt a LOT in those three years. I don’t know where I would’ve been today if I hadn’t come here…

Sanchit Razdan

Vidya Mandir: A temple of knowledge. The name Vidyamandir justifies the place. Vidya Mandir has always been not just a place to learn subjects and gain knowledge for Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Biology, but it also been a place where I have made my personality.

It is definitely a place to go and spend your majoor 4 years of school life to achieve your goals.

I have known Sir for more than 5 years now. Due to my elder cousins, who used to go to Vidya Mandir, I already knew the methodology and approach to teach which Sir used to use. Apart from studies, a very strong bond of friendship also came up.

Especially when there is a problem that anyone cannot solve, at that point Sir made sure that he got the right answer the next day and made us understand the approach to solve that question.

The culture that is created by Sir in Vidya Mandir is not only beneficial for the students, but also for the parents.
I highly recommend this esteemed institution for the major 4 years of study to enhance your skills and to being in new skills that you will not be able to find in any other institution.

Ms. I. Hudlikar

Mr. Rohit Sarin is a dedicated and motivated teacher.

Manohar Dansingani

Vidya Mandir has been a beacon of light, truly spreading knowledge, and positive attitude. Your gracious attention to details and concern for students set you apart. In these trying times, it is not only enough to impart hard core knowledge, but also to inculcate sound values & thought process, which enables the young people to think on their feet thru difficulties. We sincerely appreciate the combination of studies with lighter moments in between.

Your efforts at instilling both, discipline & a scientific temperament are to be commended. Indeed, our son has found each day at Vidya Mandir stimulating & fruitful!

We are at peace in mind that our children will blossom under your guidance.

Kudos n keep up the good work.

Ms. Jain

My son, Rishabh Jain was a student of VIDYA MANDIR for the last two years. He has successfully completed his C.B.S.E. XI, XII with 90% marks in PCM and also grabbed a position in NIT (National Institute of Technology) Warangal. VIDYA MANDIR is an ideal institute for a students appearing for AIEEE or CET entrance. The faculty is highly qualified. There is a conductive environment and strict discipline. As these two years are very important for a child, VIDYA MANDIR takes utmost care to rear these children.

Mr. Sunil Deshpande

VIDYA MANDIR, run by Mr. Rohit Sarin is a true place of “Gyan Mandir” as the name indicates. My daughter has been taking tuitions for Maths and Science with him for last 4 years. Mr.Sarin takes keen interest in students and ensures that the students reach complete understanding of concepts/theories. The focus is on “learning” whatever is the time involved and not just to “complete” the syllabi.

He is a hard taskmaster for students to complete their homework daily and due to his uncompromising approach, students have fared well as the results indicate for last 5 years. Mr. Sarin focuses his efforts in a planned manner to be able to cover additional tests/ studies besides assigned syllabus.

This has helped in all – round study of the subjects. I strongly recommend VIDYA MANDIR for students who are keen and serious in building their future and wish all success to Mr.Sarin in his endeavors.

Mr. Utpal Vyas

What can I say for Sarin Sir? I have no words. All I can say is that in this age, I haven’t come across a person so dedicated in his mission for moulding the careers of our future generation. I’m forever indebted to him. He has paved the formation of my son’s future.

Mr. Gunjan Nawal

I sent both my sons Yash & Sanchit to Vidya Mandir for proficiency in Maths & Science. Both were very happy at Vidya Mandir and both developed so much interest in science stream in the 1st year itself that both made up their mind of going for Mechanical Engineering only. Both did really very well in XII. Yash has already completed B Tech (Mechanical) from one of the premier institute VIT, Vellore and Sanchit is also doing B Tech (Mechanical) from the same institute. Yash has gone to one of the prestigious college – Purdue University, USA for doing MS. I am sure Sanchit will also follow his elder brother while building his own career.

I am extremely happy with the progress made by both my sons and career path they have chosen for themselves. I would sincerely give the credit to Mr. Rohiet Sarren for their success in their study & career. When the base is solid, the building will automatically be very strong and stable. Mr. Sarren has done the job of making their base very solid – conceptually and analytically. He has shown the path and made vision very clear so that there is no looking back. Mr. Sarren, with so many years of experience, has very good understanding of student’s psychology and accordingly he moulds them and also guides parents for better future of their wards. I’m sure that Mr. Sarren would continue to mentor his students with the same dedication, zeal, spirit and hard work.

I wish VIDYA MANDIR grand success in their endeavor to build career of young students.

Gitanjali Rai

The presence of achieving academic excellence by students & their parents and finding that education in their respective schools not being complete enough often leads families to search for tutorials or additional coaching classes for their wards. To get the right place, where personal attention is given to our children, is the concern of every parent.

Making enquiries & finally selecting VIDYA MANDIR was the right choice for our children. My daughter scored 94% aggregate in her 10th board exams. Mr. Rohit Sarin even predicted her Maths marks accurately before her board exams. My son scored 90% aggregate, which was much more than what we were expecting.

VIDYA MANDIR not only enhances & prepares your children academically but also helps in imparting human values in them.


My son Sagar had joined Vidyamandir classes in 2003 for SSC Exam. He was so impressed by the methodology of teaching of Rohit sir that we decided to put him for CBSE class for 11th & 12th in Vidyamandir, though his college was having HSC board. And our decision of putting him in CBSE class was reflected in his excellent results in AIEEE & MHT-CET. He scored 172 in AIEEE [ State Rank = 1010 ] and 185 in MHT-CET [ State Rank = 514 ].

Following the footsteps of elder brother, my daughter Chandana has now joined 8th Std. CBSE class in Vidyamandir [ Her school runs SSC board curriculum ]. She likes very much the teaching of Garima & Sulabha madam. I am very happy that she has gained confidence in Science & Mathematics. This is because Vidyamandir gives more stress in clearing the basic fundamentals of the subjects.

My views would be incomplete if I don’t mention here that “Vidyamandir lays the strong foundation for students aspiring admission to Engineering courses”. Being a Professor of Mechanical Engineering, I could get this feedback that Ex-Vidyamandir students are performing very well in Engineering Examinations also.

Mrs. D. Ahlowalia

“For students the world over I can only say …..

Do the best you can,

Until you know better,

Then, when you know better, Do better.

As an academician I can truly appreciate the tremendous role that Vidya Mandir has played in giving countless students including my daughter Akanksha the confidence to reach out for their dreams and turn them into a reality. Today as an IT engineer and an MBA degree holder,I feel a measure of Akanksha’s success is owed to this remarkable institution that let her find her true potential.

Having known Mr Rohit Sarin over the past decade , I have seen him achieve wonders in the role of a mentor to his students .

Kudos to Vidya Mandir!”

Suneil and Ashwini Pavse

Our son, Brahma’s undergrad admission in US Universities has been announced. He had applied for (6) universities of his choice, out of the Top (25) in the world, in Computer Science. He has been successfully admitted to (4) / (6) and has been waitlisted on (2). These results were outstanding in very competitive global environment.

His Top Choice so far within the selected list is The University of Texas– Austin; it is ranked #6 globally. Half of US Presidents, George Bush’s (Junior and Senior) political Dynasty’s family have been Alumni. Brother Governor Jeb Bush who could be the next US president after Obama, First lady Laura Bush, her daughters and many Top White House, Top government and Military dignitaries are alumni of UT Austin. UT Austin has produced at least 10% of the CEO’s / CFO’s in the Top 100 Fortune Corporations including likes of Dell Computers – Founder- CEO Michael Dell and Legendary Rex Tillerson , CEO Exxon Mobil, the largest company in world.

We are humbly honored, very delighted and proud of his achievements, especially due to the Honors and Scholarship by going through several interviews and rigorous selection criteria.

Brahma has been very fortunate to be part of such future group. We believe his success is largely due to the outstanding contribution of Vidya Mandir along with his own hard work and devotion. Without Vidya Mandir’s help, he alone could have never done it. Mr Sarin gave him the great foundation with his extraordinary methodical teaching talent. He encouraged him at every level by highlighting ability, recognized his talent and supported him. Brahma developed his liking for Math at young age due to Mr. Sarin, which now is his most favourite subject. This has contributed to his achievement for which he and we as parents are very grateful.

We thank you, Mr Sarin, personally and congratulate you for making this success happen for all of us and consider this as Vidya Mandir’s achievement.

Subhojit Ganguly

Well I was in Vidya Mandir in class 10th and 12th ….and I can blindly say that it’s the best among the classes I have attended till date….. and what more do I say today my basics in Maths is clear due to Vidya Mandir and Sarin Sir!!!

Cheers!! and long live Vidya Mandir !!!

Siddhartha Kathpalia

Vidya Mandir tutored me in Mathematics and Physics for my 11th and 12th standard, 2005 and 2006. I had also attended Mathematics and Science in 2004 for my 10th standard. It gives me immense pleasure saying that Vidya Mandir has played a vital role in establishing a career for me and helping me score good marks in my boards and AIEEE.

Serena Ambre

Vidya Mandir classes were a place where fun and education were combined together in such a way that it was never a burden. It was a place where students could interact freely with you, the teacher.

Of the classes, I remember sitting on the benches, jokes being cracked around. The best part was that you would also laugh with us rather than being like other teachers getting angry.

I remember the days when you made studies an easy task. I remember the huge amounts of homework too. 🙂

Thank you sir for all that you’ve taught us and for guiding us in our paths. Lots of luv,

Jaskamal Singh

Your Math lectures had really set high benchmarks in my head, so looking at what is taught in engineering and how really disheartened me. The way you teach is actual teaching.

I miss those good R.D sharma days.

Aleena Mackar

“My association with Vidya Mandir goes 5 years back… when I was in one of the crucial year of my life-10th! I totally owe my percentage that year to V.M. Garima ma’am had taught me science so well that year, that it was like cake walk… Sarin sir didn’t really teach me then as he would teach only Maths for 10th standard but whenever he would it was a Big thing!!! …. I totally depended on V.M. and studied only their notes, would take my note book to school too and complete my homework from V.M. there!!! Even for class tests I only used the V.M. notes…. and best of all I had a funfilled and easy 10th….

Then came the 11th when I had joined for physics but little late through the course as I realised I needed help & couldn’t cope by myself … and my friends too had spoken highly of him and plus we could meet every day…

The way sir taught- was different and cannot forget his ‘hega’ n ‘hegi’….

Some of the very distinct memories of Vidya Mandir were – doing the homework downstairs, chatting down, being shouted by sir or called by his helper for being loud downstairs, being punished!!

All in all Vidya Mandir was a complete school kind of an experience with learning & fun at the same time!
Thank you so much, sir for all your guidance …will never forget the whole Vidya Mandir period…”
Another thing I would like to add is that- Yet after Eight years of having left Vidya Mandir I still feel Sir’s motivation & support in my life & its very heart warming to know he still associates with his students.

Karan Mitra

Studying at Vidya Mandir was a very nice experience. Being taught by such expert and trained teachers helps your academic career in the best possible way. All the teachers and students make you feel very much at home. I will always miss that place. I want to thank Sarin sir and all the teachers for making that time such a memorable one.

Aarti Jhingon

I joined Vidya Mandir (or V.M.) in my class 10th and 12th. Since then learning in Vidya Mandir has been fun… I owe my success in 10th and 12th to my teachers in Vidya Mandir and the regular work I did there. I can blindly say without Vidya Mandir my 10th and 12th marks would have been just an illusion. Thank you Sarin sir for your continued support and guidance J. I wish Vidya Mandir and Sarin sir all the best in their future endeavors J

Pritha Mukherjee

My experience in Vidya Mandir was amazing. The kind of practice we got in Maths was unbelievable. We knew R. D. Sharma in and out. Hehe .And the exams that used to be conducted there was also very helpful. All in all, it was fun the way Sir used to teach.

A great learning experience..

Thank you Sir for your guidance 🙂

Sushmita Padhi

Back in Mumbai, I was a HORRIBLE student, who dreamt about even getting 50%. Then we moved to Pune I discovered that studying can be fun, but saying the same about Maths, was something I couldn’t even think about. I used to hate maths and worst part about it was that my family members are all math freaks…they enjoy doing maths. That part of them made little sense to me, until I joined Vidya Mandir.

Rohit sir has something about him that makes everyone else fall in love with Maths, I am surprised that I am saying that I love maths, nut this has happened only because of him. Thank you so much sir.

And Garima Ma’am, learning Science was made so easy here, I have always loved Bio, but Chemistry has always been a mystery to me, until of course I joined Vidya Mandir.

Everyone and everything in there makes you wanna fall in love with books.

The times when we used to rush to finish our home work before class, thinking about our home work as soon as we wake up in the morning till we sleep. And sometime, they haunt us in our dreams too.

All the times we get chocolates, when our books were striked off by sir coz we didn’t complete our home work….looking back at all that, that seemed really bad back then, made me realize maybe if all that didn’t happen then maybe I wouldn’t be enjoying my marks today..


Shreya Jain

It was the first place I came up to after shifting to Pune even before my school had started. First day I was too nervous as I didn’t knew anyone else. Absolutely new to the place, people and environment but you and Garima ma’am made it too comfortable for me to adjust and feel cozy there.

Soon I had started enjoying being there for studies, a bit of fun during the lectures, discussions, etc.

You not only helped me academically but also helped me believe that I could do it in a better way and that I could excel in my field.

Your approach towards studies had always been an inspiration throughout the time of two years which I spent at Vidya Mandir and it still continues as a MENTOR like you is too difficult to find.

Being at Vidya Mandir I never had to even speak out that what I could not get or was that I was finding a difficulty to understand. It was your understanding and personal approach with every student that made you realize that when and where I stuck up with the topics and you would solve it the way I could understand.

You helped me realize my potentials and my interests in a very true and fair way which helped me frame my career path really nicely.




Sahil Aggarwal

I had joined Vidya Mandir in 8th Standard for Mathematics and Science. I had a really fruitful time studying there. Still remember the enthusiasm and the zeal with which Garima Ma’am used to take the classes. She laid a very good foundation for my higher school studies and also gave me a direction. All her efforts helped me score really good marks and inspired me to take up Science later on. Apart from academics I remember the chit chat sessions with friends before and after the class. Thanks a lot again for everything!!! Really miss Vidya Mandir! Cheerio!

Pooja Vaswani

I had joined Vidya Mandir for Maths and Physics coaching during my 12th std. Since I had never joined such classes before, I was quite apprehensive about the entire scenario. But from the very first meeting with Mr. Rohit Sarin, I started to feel amazingly comfortable. My phobia for Maths somewhat vanished and I actually started taking interest in solving the daily homework. I can’t forget those famous 30 marks tests in class, for which we would always study at the last moment!!

At the end of the year, Rohit Sir predicts the result of every student, which is always remarkably accurate!! All those memories of the classroom, the long chats and discussions with Sir which went beyond the syllabus, the times we students spent down in the premises before and after class, the pani puri joint in the lane besides ABC Farms… everything still seems so fresh in the mind!

I would extend a large “thank you” to Rohit Sir and Garima Ma’am for running such an institution where a lot more than academics is taught. This place has given every student a strong foot-hold, and made the climb to success easier than one could ever imagine.

Aditi Sahni

Vidya Mandir was a very nice place. The studying atmosphere was really good..

Sir you made my concepts very clear. Because of you I gained a lot of confidence in Maths. All my fear went and I started solving problems with no difficulty.

Thank you sir for all your help.

Akanksha Ahlowalia

Vidya Mandir days have been memorable and cherished. I am so glad I was a part of Vidya Mandir and now an alumnus of Vidya Mandir. Its all because of you Sir that I liked Maths and wanted to do better every time and time after time. That’s the place where the bestest of friends were made and the best time was had by us all. Always looked forward to our classes, mostly rushing for them and ending up late though!

Miss our time there. You are doing great sir year after year, extremely proud to be a part of Vidya Mandir.

All the very Best !!

Arjun Rai

Vidya Mandir helped me beyond words in my academics. I hated studying and sir turned it into something fun, something I wanted to take an active interest in. I know I won’t be able to do this enough, but Thank you for everything.

Ankita Bhawsinka

I joined Vidya Mandir in my 12th std for Maths coaching, like most of my classmates from A.P.S. Vidya Mandir was a lot of fun for me, along with the studies. Still remember cramming for surprise tests and struggling to finish the uncompleted home work questions before the class. And of course hanging out later at ABC and Hott. Vidya Mandir was a constant part of the best year of my school life and it was one of the things that made it the best year of my school life.:)

Kamakshi Rai

When I first walked into Vidya Mandir, I was highly skeptical of the place, carrying with me predefined notions of what we referred to in school as “tuitions”. I was a bright child – I’d been studying by myself, without extra guidance, even from a parent – ever since Standard 1, and had done fairly well for myself, being awarded the post of prefect in school, remaining in the top octile of my batch at St. Mary’s and maintaining a strong extra-curricular profile. So what was the need of extra classes? Still, I begrudgingly trudged in, partly because I hadn’t been given a choice, and partly because the child in me was curious about a new experience. The first few classes weren’t surprising. However, as the weeks progressed, I noticed a change in myself as well as my classmates.

I believe that every child has an innate scientific curiosity. When we were very young, we threw a lot of “how’s” and “why’s” at the adults around us, always trying to figure out the workings of the mysterious world we’d been born into. During the early stages, our requests for knowledge were satisfied by willing parents and older family members. However, as the years passed and we were enrolled in school, somehow our curiosity took a backseat to demands for the syllabus being completed in time. Classroom discussions began to pertain solely to the prescribed portion, questions about seemingly unrelated – yet academic – things refused to be entertained by teachers. Learning by rote soon came into the picture and before you knew it, the whole school experience had transformed from a quest for knowledge by eager, thirsty minds to a quest to obtain the highest possible marks, to the exclusion of learning for the love of it – something to be gotten over with quickly so that one could go out and play. This is where Vidya Mandir, and more specifically, Mr. Rohit Sarin came in.

The change I spoke about earlier, that I observed come over my classmates and me, was one that brought back our innocent, innate curiosity for science and mathematics. Learning by rote was out the door, understanding was the new thing now. Of course, there was the awareness of progress with respect to the assigned portion and the syllabus, but we were always told the practical applications and the relevance and importance of what we were studying, in the real world. This made us more eager to actually understand the concepts and apply them, rather than mug matter up and spew it over the examination paper. And for those who didn’t mind putting in a few extra minutes, Mr. Sarin was always more than willing to answer questions – both academic and educationally philosophical – whether they pertained to the syllabus or not. Learning solely for the love of it was encouraged, rather than for maximizing results in the exams. And not surprisingly, this new approach not only enabled students to score better, but actually retain scientific concepts for longer than the duration of the academic year.

Needless to say, my term at Vidya Mandir challenged my preconceived notions of extra classes. It also encouraged me to take another look at the way I perceived education, both in an academic and sociological sense. To this day, when I have a doubt pertaining to my college mathematics, or I simply need direction, I call Mr. Sarin for guidance, and he always helps. I found a willing mentor and rediscovered my love of learning at Vidya Mandir – truly, a “temple of knowledge”.

Mohini Srivastava

It was at Vidya Mandir, under Mr. Sarin’s excellent guidance that I honed and improved my efficiency in Maths. I have always found him to be an interested and concerned teacher who always took interest in developing his student’s potential to the best. I credit him with my success in both, results of 10th and 12th boards. It has been a pleasure being a student at Vidya Mandir and I will always cherish those fond memories.

Pawan Lelani

In the formative years of the foundation of my career Sarin Sir and Garima Ma’am played a vital role. Sir’s teaching style and personal attention made boring topics interesting…I would look forward to attend his classes the whole day; 98 in SSC maths is a proof of his ability to bring out the best in you. It was because of his forsight that he covered important topics like trigonometry in IX class so that it would be easy for us in X and XII…His some assignments made regular studies a routinely habit. Whatever successes I’ve achieved in his subjects,I give a lot of credit to VIDYA MANDIR..!

Aditi Swarup

Words cannot express my gratitude towards Vidya Mandir. The excellent professors helped me in developing a clear understanding of all subjects. Their guidance helped me achieve success in my Board exams. Rohit Sir has been an inspiration to me. The atmosphere in Vidya Mandir brought out the best in me.

Prithpal Singh

My Experience at Vidya Mandir was life changing. I started liking Maths under the experience of Rohit sir and got a lot of confidence. He made students believe that dreams are possible!!! I still tell my friends about how sir helped me so much…. and I still try to follow his style of study in other subjects also!!

Protima Tiwary

It was in 9th std when I joined the classes. The first day, I was definitely terrified-how are the teachers like, I don’t know my subjects, I’m going to be shouted at a lot….yes, definitely a very nervous time for me. Thankfully I had my friends and schoolmates charanjeet hoonjan, shraddha karaley and afshan kazi with me, everyone equally nervous.. 😀 But honestly, I don’t think I could get such brilliant guidance and coaching from anyone else. Rohit sir was an amazing teacher, made me understand my concepts and made learning fun. I remember I actually used to look forward to VIDYA MANDIR. 🙂 Not only was Rohit sir a teacher, but also a brilliant counselor. He knew who was friends with whom, and which two best friends had fought… 🙂 Infact, one of my biggest fights with one of my closest friends was resolved all thanks to sir…. 🙂 Thank you sir, for teaching us so well, for making it a fun yet educational process and for helping us score well in our exams… 🙂 Good luck with your future endeavors…. 🙂

Mihir Bhatkhande

The experience about Vidya Mandir was absolutely the most knowledge inculcating and to some extent an academically growing phase of my life. This credit goes to Sarin Sir for the way he teaches. Initially I did not like the science field and thought I would end up taking commerce after my class-X, but now ultimately I am pursuing my Bachelor of Engineering and I am happy. This shows it was a right decision joining Vidya Mandir.

Also I enjoyed thoroughly and it was not always a boring monotonous class.

Thanking You.

Ritu Gupta

“I was in the First Batch of Vidya Mandir. There is always a special place of Vidya Mandir & Rohit Sir in my life. I know how strict and disciplined he was. I know him from my School days when I was in 10th class in S.S. Children Academy. He was my Guru who not only taught me Maths & Physics but how to be strong and independent enough to face any problem and achieve whatever you want in your life.

I was going thru the very bad phase of my life when I was in school. And he came as an Angel who supported me and my family. He was the one who showed his faith in me and trusted me. I am what I am today because of his motivation and his guidance.

Thanks for your support Sir and all the best for VIDYA MANDIR. I will never ever forget you and Vidya Mandir and I know your blessings will always be there with me.”

Aditi Rathi

My experience in Vidya Mandir, though for a brief time, has been a really great one and one which I will cherish for my entire life!

Going to the classes had become a part and parcel of life…..it was never boring and I always used to look forward to attending them! Completion of homework, books, and if you were absent in the previous class then you should not forget to put your leave application in the bag….! My experience in Vidya Mandir taught me not only Mathematics but also discipline, regularity and punctuality- a few lessons which are must in a person’s life.

Sarin Sir has a unique way of teaching! He made each and every lesson very interesting. Each and every concept went so clearly in my mind!

I’ll miss Vidya Mandir, those 30 marks tests on every topic, solving sums in class, and of course saying ‘Jai Hind’ after getting the solution.

Snigdha Sinha

I came to Vidya Mandir to learn and practice Maths and sure I did that. The one hour class always was fun, the way we were taught was a mix of Maths and fun. What I learnt most importantly from Sir are the very basics of success. I learnt that there is no shortcut to excellence, it’s more about being diligent than intelligent. These lessons I carried with me even after I passed out. Thank you Sir, you’ve been a guiding light.

Shayon Sanyal

I joined Vidya Mandir late in 12th standard and had to cover up a lot in order to be in the race. Just doing the school studies was not enough. I realised I needed something extra to be ahead. That extra was compensated by none other than Rohit sir. The ace mentor that he is I was also moved that above all else he is a very good human being. The techniques that I learned from Rohit sir to solve the typical problems are unbeatable. They focussed right on the basics and provided a solid foundation for the more difficult ones. The test series is incomparable. Classroom teaching followed by the gruesome test series provided the right confidence to ace any exam be it CBSE or AIEEE. That apart if any of us required any extra support, he would be right there. Rohit sir is an idol for many of us and I would always be grateful for the lessons I learned from him in studies as well as life. Many thanks to the genius that Rohit sir is.

Kehkasha Sehgal

I just want to say that my time in Vidya Mandir was certainly to be remembered. I had a wonderful time. Needless to say that I absolutely owe Vidya Mandir for my marks. Apart from that too, I spent wonderful two years in this institution . It has been a pleasure being taught by you sir. And its a wonderful opportunity to just say thank you.

Shruti Roy

Sir, I must thank u so much because if it wasn’t for u I wouldn’t have been able to clear my maths papers in engineering so well…It was such an enriching experience at Vidya Mandir because I have learnt so much from there…not only in Maths but as far as discipline in my work is concerned it all comes from you….Vidya Mandir was like a roller coaster ride for me…I had my ups and my downs…but they were all so enjoyable….the days when we used to stay up at night completing our homework or the days when we were punished in class for not doing it. We miss those days even now…it was something to look forward to everyday and all your efforts have taken me a long way. Thank you so much for trusting in me and I will never forget that you always thought I would do well…I hope someday I can make you and Vidya Mandir proud by getting a good job…I am trying my best to…Thank you so much for all your efforts and most importantly the trust you had in me…

Kanika Rautji

Joining Vidya Mandir was a very wise decision. I studied Maths and Physics from you for my CBSE 12th board examinations. It really helped me in procuring a good percentage in boards (85.8%). Not only this, the regular tests helped me to continuously gauge my performance and be regular. Thank you so much sir for teaching us with such dedication.

Tina Sharma

I have studied for 3 yrs at Vidya Mandir. Sarin sir and Garima Ma’am have been great teachers. I remember I was really bad at Maths, but Sir made it all so simple, that I started loving it. The classes were not at all boring or stressful, because he made them so interactive and easy. He used to always inspire us and we could easily approach him, if we had any problems.

Vidya Mandir guided us throughout the year, as to how we should go about our studies, so that we do not get tensed later. I am so glad I joined Vidya Mandir and also met such wonderful people like Sir and Ma’am. I am really thankful to both of them.

Naina Doddamani

I was horrible at Maths till 8th std but then one day my friend suggested that I should join Vidya Mandir. In the beginning I was a bit hesitant b’coz I had never taken tuitions before and I believed only losers did…
But I had no choice. I had to. In just one or 2 months my scores improved and the rest is history. Now I can very proudly say that I was a part of Vidya Mandir for 4 years!! With time, Maths became my most favourite subject. My teachers were surprised, my parents were happy and me… I was exhilarated!!
I owe it all to Rohit sir … He has been an inspiration.. Thank you sir.

Sagar Phadkule

Vidya Mandir has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. Initially I joined it just for 10th SSC tuitions but as I really loved the institution’s teaching methods, dedication and quality, I decided to continue it for XI & XII CBSE tuitions though my college was HSC board.
Even after 2 years after passing out of Vidya Mandir, I haven’t met a single person as great as Mr Rohit Sarin. He’s very very dedicated, hardworking and intelligent; rather he is passionate about teaching. I sometimes think he has done some great philosophical thinking to understand exactly what, how and when to teach a particular thing so that the person in front understands it completely; or its just ‘power in simplicity’. I believe he’s such a good teacher that he will be able to teach any given subject very easily.
Garima ma’am is also as good a teacher as Rohit sir. I enjoyed learning science from her during my 10th.
Thanks to Vidya Mandir, I was able to score really good marks in MHTCET and AIEEE. All the conceptual understanding I got in these classes has helped me a lot in my engineering course.
One of the memorable days at Vidya Mandir was the Sunday when we had a lengthy class for 6 hrs as decided to finish off the entire Vectors unit. And then during the class, Rohit sir put on a song of R.D. Burman for background music while teaching at the same time. That was fun, and learn 🙂
Another event I remember… on the last day of the 12th class, sir was treating us all to ice-cream. So he was taking a count of how many mango ice creams, chocolate, vanilla etc. And when he asked for vanilla, I raised my hand and turning back saw that I was alone, the majority favouring for chocolate :D. I guess that’s one way of showing uniqueness 😉
Then there were these moments when sir made some philosophical statements and I still think upon them as to what sir must have meant; like: When he was starting Calculus, he said “Once a person understands differentiation and integration, it changes his entire thinking level!”
I feel very proud that sir mentions me even today in his classes – that’s what I hear from my little sister. Vidya Mandir has been a quite influential part of my life. I’ll always remember it and also whenever I use componendo and dividendo (the santasingh and bantasingh in sir’s words :P)

Akanksha Bhagat

Thank you Sir for the help and guidance you have given me. Before I joined your classes, I can honestly say that I used to have a phobia for Maths and I almost hated the subject.
However, after joining VIDYA MANDIR Maths became very simple and very enjoyable. Now, Maths is my favourite subject and I’m even thinking of doing B.Sc. Maths as a part of my integrated law course and all thanks to you Sir. You are the one who has made a change in my perception of the subject and I’m really grateful to you for that.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my classes at VIDYA MANDIR.
Thank you for being a wonderful teacher.

Adhishree Parasnis

Studying at Vidya Mandir has indeed been an enriching experience. The dedication and sincere concern of the teachers pushes the students to excel and realize their true potential. I still remember spending hours solving (and cursing!) problems on Trigonometry and Calculus! All those hours did pay off in the end. I would like to truly thank Sir for being so patient with me and helping me achieve my goals. I have learnt so much from all those sessions and it goes beyond Science and Mathematics…

Anisha Bali

Sir, the knowledge, the concepts and the ways of learning that I picked up from you during my coaching class session with you was just beyond compare and I till date feel very confident about my those skills acquired from you. Sir you are one of those teachers who not only make the teaching interesting but also the personal touch and ease with which students can come and express their doubts without hesitation is very helpful.
Really sir words can’t do justice to the way you teach your students. All my great maths skills credit goes to you. You are amazing. Again sir not to mention jaha par bhi maths ke topics aate hain I always thank u for teaching them to me and making those topics so easy to learn.

Maitri Ravishankar

I shall forever be indebted to this institution, Sarin Sir and Garima Ma’am for having encouraged me and instilled in me the confidence to achieve my best. Apart from the academics, VM also taught me to be systematic and methodical in my studies. The classes were so interesting that I never wanted to miss a single one. Easy, spaced out covering of syllabus with regular tests and the test series after the completion of syllabus have been highly beneficial. Regular feedback to the parents is another distinct feature of this institution.
It is this confidence I have in the institution that has made me opt for it for extra coaching in class XI and XII also.

Yash Nawal

Much of the credit of my success in my exams goes to the support and guidance of the teachers at VIDYA MANDIR. Under their able guidance and teaching, I have been able to expand the horizon of my thoughts. My doubts had been solved quickly and efficiently. My concepts had been cleared very well by the teachers. It has really been a great experience studying at VIDYA MANDIR.

Vikrant Agarwal

I spent 4 years at Vidya Mandir, from Class 9th till Class 12th. Rohit Sir did not just teach us the subjects, he imbued in us a passion for maths and the sciences.

He always took out time to answer our doubts, no matter how small or trivial they were. I remember that he told us, time and again, to focus on the basic principles.

This not only helped me perform in exams, I used those basics even as a masters level student.

All that he taught me, helped me succeed as a student. I can truly say that without Rohit Sir’s and Vidya Mandir’s help, I would not be where I am today. Thank you very much Sir.

Rishabh Jain

I, Rishabh Jain, am fully satisfied with the coaching in VIDYA MANDIR. Rohit sir has really put in a lot of efforts in bringing the best out of me. All doubts are dealt seriously and taken care of. I am thankful to the entire faculty of VIDYA MANDIR as because of them I have got the admission in one of the top institutes of India – NIT Warangal.

Megha Sethi

I joined VIDYA MANDIR for XII regular classes. It was a GREAT experience! Each and every student is given personal attention. I believe in this world of commercial education, VIDYA MANDIR is the place where students can study and perform in the best way. The tests conducted, really boosted my confidence and helped me score well. Sarin Sir and other teachers always encouraged me to improve my performance. The guidance that I received in VIDYA MANDIR helped me establish the base for my career. I would like to thank VIDYA MANDIR for all its support and teachings. I hope VIDYA MANDIR goes a long way in its field.

Deepak Sinha

Well…… memories go back to class 10th when I joined this temple.
I was new in Pune and struggling with my studies in the new school (APS, Pune), apart from this there was that horrible pressure of the board exams. And, I won’t lie but it was this classes which brought me up in Science , and to a little extent even the test series, both Maths and Science helped an average guy like me to end up with 85 in Maths and 83 in Science.
Then I joined it back in class11th. It was then when I came under the prestigious guidance of Rohit Sir in Maths and Physics. I was with him for both subjects till the end of class 12th and I ended up with a 95% in Maths and 86% in Physics. The strong basics of Maths which he had built in me still help me in my graduation.
Sir I really miss a teacher like u over here. And not only a good teacher he is also a very good guider of life, u live life according to him and u c that success is at ur feet. Sir I still remember the lesson u once taught me for doing a wrong and unfaithful deed (“sir plz don’t mention it”) and that lesson has really helped me to improve a lot and I have never repeated that or any similar mistake till date in my life….
Sir we all really love u and we miss both ur guidance and teaching a lot……

Anubhav Chakrabarty

I was a student of Vidya Mandir, Pune in my 11th and 12th 2005-2006 for CBSE Maths and Physics and I benefited hugely by them. The classes were par excellence. The regular tests and assignments made me develop a good grip on the subjects and helped me to secure 90% in the board exams. Discipline and Sincerity were the two qualities I developed by attending Sarin sir’s classes!
Wishing them all the very best in their future endeavors!

S. Logesh

Myself Logesh completed my 12th in 2005. I was good in Mathematics and Physics, but I wanted to get better at them, so a rigorous training was necessary, that’s when Vidya Mandir comes into picture. The amount of training they give is really impressive, and the practice they give is so good that it is difficult for a person not to score more than 95%.
Then comes the personal attention every single students gets in these classes, any doubt or problems are personally solved by the faculty members. The way Sarin Sir treats his students is what it makes it worth studying in Vidya Mandir.
I completed my twelfth with 85.2% and scored 96% in mathematics but the credits can be equally distributed among Vidya Mandir, my parents, and my efforts. Life has been fruitful and Vidya Mandir contributed to it. I am most obliged to Sarin Sir and to Vidya Mandir.
Thank you so much for teaching me, to believe in myself, and for everything. You’ve been a bright guiding light and been by my side always.

” Maths mein hai jo number one,
Physics mein hai jo always one,
Sirf wahi hai all rounder,
Jo hain hamare Rohit Sir.”

Dhairya Chaudhry

I enrolled myself in Vidya Mandir back in 2005 and studied Maths for class 11th and12th. I’ve had the best of times studying Maths from Sarin sir. My experience has been truly amazing and with a lot of fun. Looking back, I feel the test series, the report card system and the regular check of homework benefited me in terms of not losing focus from maths!

Vaibhav Sethi

It was 4 years back when I joined Vidya Mandir and since then learning had been fun. Vidya Mandir was the second place after school where I gained knowledge. I don’t think that anyone in this world can teach Maths better than sir. I wish Vidya Mandir continues doing well as it has been in the past.

Saurov Kakati

School is usually the most memorable part of a student’s life. Vidya Mandir’s achievement (among other achievements of course!) lies in occupying the same space in our memories. Once I joined Vidya Mandir, it was always more than the classes. It was THE classes and much more. The punishments when I was (always) late, the tests, the homeworks at the parking, the music in the afternoon classes, Sir’s fines, the free pens out of the fines (actually those were the only pens some of us ever had!), the six-hour marathon classes, the chats on the way down, up before, after Vidya Mandir………….and the list goes on and Sareen Sir’s presence was the only reason everything turned out the way it was. I thank you for the knowledge Sir and also for the memories….

Vivek Kavadia

I studied at Vidya Mandir in 11th / 12th. Though at the time I won’t have admitted it, Sarin sir really was and is the best teacher I’ve ever seen. All the forced homeworks and calls to my parents really were for the better. I learnt not only how to study for my exams but also how to enjoy what I study. He made everything so simple. By my definition he certainly is the ideal teacher. He has the sharpest mind I’ve ever seen and an amazing memory.

Nupur Nijhawan

Vidya Mandir was one of the most memorable experiences in my life. Normally tuitions is all about just mugging and studying, and a very bland and serious environment. But Vidya Mandir totally changed that perception of mine. It was as nice as how we could all study in a pleasant environment, with friends around. Obviously since it was the board classes, we felt the pressure of that, but there were so many things, like the innovative punishments (I remember all the samosas I had to give cause my phone rang right at the end of class!!), that broke the ice. Interestingly I even started enjoying maths!!

Roshan Dansingani

“Education centres- in general- are faced by the dilemma of whether to focus more on the basic concepts and understanding required to excel in board examinations or on the more ‘in demand’ skills which are required for competitive exams. Vidya Mandir is unique in the sense that it strikes a balance between these two equally important aspects of education.”

Veeranant Grewal

I really miss Vidya Mandir …and I wanted to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in and making me pass the finals. Thanks a lot.

Esha Khan

My experience in Vidya Mandir was one of its kind. This was the first time that I was attending classes with a vast number of students so had a little doubt about getting personal attention, but sir proved me wrong. The kind of personal attention I received at Vidya Mandir is something that I never got in my other classes. There were some scary moments. When sir randomly checked our notebooks, that was the scariest part. But the worse was when he distributed our test papers. But on the whole my experience while studying in Vidya Mandir was very good and one thing that Vidya Mandir has taught me to be punctual and impeccably disciplined.

Parichay Sharma

Vidya Mandir has been most helpful to me, as far as improving my performance in the subjects, Mathematics and Science, are concerned. Joining their course for my Class X helped me excel in these subjects, such that I never say ‘No’ to studying anymore. The methods of teaching and constant practice for the subjects are remarkably good. Not only were the teachers very understanding, they seemed to be considerate towards every child’s potential in class, encouraging them to never give up. I owe most of my good performances to Vidya Mandir and hope it carries on with the same force in future.

Avantika Jain

Studying at Vidya Mandir has been one of the best things I have done. It was one great learning experience and also one experience which made me love maths and also made me good at it.
The days spent at Vidya Mandir have been missed. The next time I get to visit Pune, my first stop will be Vidya Mandir to thank Sir & Ma’am.

Gautam Deb

Vidya Mandir cannot be forgotten by me or my friends. I and my friends still talk about it. I have realized after all these years of studying that Vidya Mandir were actually the best classes I’ve been to so far in my academic life. I have seen college and school life and trust me it’s nowhere even close to Vidya Mandir. I remember I was not very good with maths in my 10th grade. But after joining Vidya Mandir in 11th grade, my interest grew in this field. I have fond memories in Vidya Mandir and I have recommended my cousins and my juniors to go there.

Natasha Gracias

Five years ago an introversive, unconfident little girl walked in through the doors of Vidya Mandir. She had completely lost hope of ever doing well in maths and science and thought that her dream of being a Commercial Pilot was doomed. But the day she walked in through the doors of Vidya Mandir, her luck changed. Under the guidance of Sarin sir and his teaching staff, not only did her marks in Maths and Science go up but she also turned into an extroversive, confident woman. Today that girl walks to her aircraft with her head held high and confidently rules the skies as a Pilot. That’s the X-Factor of Vidya Mandir, where there is a serious, no-nonsense approach to studies, but on the same note a student’s holistic development is also kept in mind, and each student is given personal attention. Here a subject is not only taught with the goal of achieving higher grades but also with the aim of actually making the student enjoy studying the subject and take an interest in it. With a smile on my face and nostalgic memories in my mind I say “Vidya Mandir made my dream come true and I hope it makes yours come true also”

Kartikeya Shekhar

As I have always said, studying at Vidya Mandir was one of the best experiences of my life. It was a mix of a lot of learning, great teaching, and also a lot of fun. It helped me get a 91% in my ICSE Board exams, and also cleared a lot of my concepts in Chemistry. I will always be grateful to Mr. Sarin and everyone at Vidya Mandir for helping me realize my potential and above all, making that process a lot of fun. As Mr. Sarin always says, best of luck and JAI HIND.

Divya Venkataraman

My experience at Vidya Mandir was an extremely positive one. Even now, four years down the line, I frequently recall fond memories from when I was a student at Vidya Mandir. I am extremely grateful that the course work that we completed at Vidya Mandir, especially in Mathematics and Physics, is still proving to be helpful to me in my Engineering classes. Another interesting factor is the competitive edge my experience at Vidya Mandir gave me. While I was a student there, a sense of competition that I felt with my fellow students made me achieve higher, which has definitely aided me in my college life.

Kartik Athavale

Vidya Mandir was an experience beyond studies. It is a place where, in addition to solving and understanding mathematical problems, I learnt the importance of hard work and perseverance. At Vidya Mandir I made a few very good friends including Sarin sir. I shall cherish the time spent there forever.

Rahul Aggarwal

I had joined Vidya Mandir in my 10th standard for mathematics in 2003. I gained immensely from the continuous test schedule and Rohit Sarin Sir’s innovative way of teaching. Still remember the excitement I used to have while collecting the test papers from Rohit Sarin Sir. I really enjoyed studying in Vidya Mandir and the methodology which I learnt, helped me later on while preparing for my competitive examinations as well. Also the regular practice problems and the assignments made me go through my syllabus really thoroughly and instilled in me a confidence to think and solve problems independently. I really stand by Rohit Sarin Sir’s ideology – “there is no substitute to hardwork and perseverance..!” Cheers!!

Shreya Sinha

I would like to thank Vidya Mandir and especially you sir for such a strong base of 10th std that is still helping me in engineering. I owe this institute a lot.Thank you a lot.

Sidhartha Sinha

It’s been a little more than six years now but I still vividly remember my first day at Vidya Mandir. Little did I know then that my stint at Vidya Mandir would be full of fun, frolic and loads of knowledge. It is here that I have managed to get my concepts and my basics right and that has kept me in good stead. Rohit Sir’s teaching techniques are par excellence and he really knows to make learning real fun.
I am overwhelmed by nostalgia as memories of all those wonderful days come rushing…I miss the long chatting sessions with friends in the building premises both before and after the class, I miss those days when we would all make a dash at completing the home assignments some times at school and at times at ABC farms :), I also miss the ‘fundas of life’ that Sir would give occassionally and last but not the least I miss spending time with all my wonderful friends from Vidya Mandir.
I wish Rohit Sir all the very best and wish him all the success in shaping the future of all his students.

Vikram Nair

The strict approach of Vidya Mandir was a sure shot route to success for me and being pushed to perform was the need of the hour. I will always be indebted to Vidya Mandir for bringing out my true potential, because without the push I would never have been able to achieve whatever I have been able to achieve in the past.

Sabira Sajjad

Sir, I owe my class 12th maths marks to you. The way you made us solve sums really helped us. At the time we used to crib and complain about it but in the end that is what helped us. I’m going to reveal a secret now. We sometimes used to not do our homework. We used to either do it in school or we used to come to tutions and used to copy from each other right before class used to start.:).
But I’m sure you know about that. It was all fun. But your test series used to scare us and we used to prepare well.
Vidya Mandir was a great experience. I made a lot of friends there. Also I had some of my best moments. Its been 4 years sir but it’s still etched in my mind.
I shall stop now sir. Otherwise I’ll take up all the space in your book.Thank you sir.

Manhar Shaheed

My experience in Vidya Mandir was worth the time. The anxiety to know the test marks, the surprise formulae checks and the get-together sessions before and after class were truly enthralling. I believe if ones teacher can engage one in a subject, no matter how good/bad one is, they are going to excel no matter what. I did with Rohit Sir’s help.
All one needs is regular practice and a routine. Maths can be sooo much fun. I practiced Maths listening to music. Thank you Sir for all this.

Abhigyan Ghatak

Vidya Mandir was more than just the average tuition classes. Maths was taught in a way which was straightforward and fun to learn under your tutelage. The same can be said to Physics as well. Especially because you made concepts clearer than any school teacher could ever hope to achieve. Atmosphere was bright and relaxing, a perfect place to sit down and do some constructive study. I benefited from this in my years at college when I applied your methods of learning into practice. You were AND are a sincere and dedicated teacher trying to help us realize our full potential. Thank you Sir!

Dr Aditi Prasad

Vidya Mandir was a very helpful place for me. Since I was a non-maths student, I required extra effort for Physics and Chemistry. It also has a very friendly and sufficiently casual atmosphere so as to not make it too cumbersome when added to school in the mornings. Rohit sir is a great and specifically a very logic and understanding oriented teacher, the latter definitely being missing from most school and college teachers. Thank you, sir.

Abhinav Kshitij

I remember things Sarin sir had taught me, especially linear algebra(matrices) , which I often use in programming for CFD, flight dynamics and control. All these concepts taught at VM have made it way easy for me to implement them in my studies. I hope to continue to work in this field (Aerospace Engineering) as a researcher. I had quit Tata Motors as I wanted a career in the Aerospace Industry. Nevertheless I was promoted as the project manager in Tata at Pune plant. All these experiences have helped me to build skills for a lasting career in this industry. I am greatly thankful to you for the wonderful experience and learning that I have received in VM.

Mrunal Doiphode

My experience in Vidya Mandir was great. A whole classroom feel, without the formalities of wearing a uniform. All the topics used to be covered, and doubts discussed very well. I especially liked the Maths classes, coz Rohit sir used to make us solve lots of exercises and papers, and the home work used to give a lot of exercise to our brains. I especially love maths, so it added to my interest. I think Vidya Mandir is the best for CBSE level maths!!!!! It made a lot of difference to my marks. Thank u sir.

Debashish Banerjee

I’ve studied in Vidya Mandir from the 10th standard (year 2006) till the conclusion of my 12th standard (year 2008) and engineering entrance exams.
Sir has been an excellent guide and tutor during my time spent with him. He is at par excellence and a very dedicated teacher when it comes in teaching Maths and Physics. Sir and Garima Ma’am have helped me a lot in exploring my true potentials during my tenure at Vidya Mandir. I was an average student when I joined the institution, but their efforts have made it possible for me to follow my chosen stream in engineering. The rigorous weekly tests conducted have always kept us on our toes in all the subjects. We were always a step ahead in our syllabus and never have lagged behind.
Not only has sir’s tutoring helped me through the boards, but also in analyzing the stream and college suitable for me.
I wish “All the best” to Sir, (my mentor) Ma’am and to Vidya Mandir!!
Thank You For everything.

Rahil Dhru

I spent two of my very crucial years…10th and 12th studying in VM and if there is one very essential thing I learnt out here is that education and discipline go hand in hand. It’s very difficult to stay focused on studying for an entire year and to succeed we need to be regular and sincere towards it. Sarin sir has always taken efforts to see that I am sincere towards my education. I remember him warning me several times for not being sincere and I think that really fired me up to study and prove myself and thanks to that today I have got admission in Pune’s one of the best engineering colleges (VIT) in computers and I am thankful to him for that.