Shweta Natarajan

I really appreciate yours and Garima ma’am’s guidance and support in that crucial stage of my education. It is because of your dedication and patience as teachers, that I did well in the class 10 boards, and hence am able to pursue the education that I am pursuing now. Thank you so much for your insistence on excellence. The study skills that I learn from you and Ma’am in Vidya Mandir, Pune are beneficial to me even now. My experience in Vidya Mandir was very valuable, and I am so thankful to both of you.

Agrima Sahore

I have always attempted to look beyond the conventional and ordinary. My quest to find a place that would not only enable but empower me to strive hard and achieve my best took the form of looking for math tuitions as I stepped into my final year of high school (Std 12). Vidya Mandir was recommended widely and I placed my trust in the hands of Rohit sir’s teaching methodologies.

I am glad to declare that Vidya Mandir lived up to its every claim and every promise. Reactions that I came across on sharing my association with the institute were mixed with excitement and apprehension – ‘Dude, Sir is very strict’, ‘You are totally gone dude’. ‘The homework is tooooo much’!! It made me question my decision but I stood by my choice nonetheless. There was something about the place that told me that we would gel and make it work. Healthy competition, appropriate encouragement, regular assignments and vital stress on practice and perfection made it all happen just the way my parents, Rohit sir and I had planned. A 99/100 in mathematics looked splendid on the mark sheet, still does and forever will.

Gratitude. Pleasure. Honor- all mine!

Parinita Mahendrakar

I can proudly say that Vidya Mandir has been the source for all the success I have achieved in my career till date. Even today I remember the way Sarin Sir used to share his personal as well as professional knowledge and experience with us. Going to Vidya Mandir not only made me excel in studies, but also helped me grow as a good individual. Sir your teachings are guiding me even today. There was a time when I was totally blank about the career I would want to pursue but Sir it was you who knew what would be the best for me. I thank you for that even today. Going to Vidya Mandir was never a boring task. Every day I learned something new and plus there was the crazy fun that use to make my day. Without your help and support I would’nt have been where I am today. Thank you for everything Sir. The days spent in Vidya Mandir will always be cherished.

Rashida Taskin

I enrolled in Vidya Mandir in my 10th standard. I was really bad in Maths. I was afraid that I might fail in my Maths preboards, if I didn’t get the right kind of coaching.

I was afraid of Maths. My parents had tried all sort of coachings. Personal tuition, teachers from the same school etc. Nothing worked.

Most of my friends used to go to Vidya Mandir and I always had the perception that it’s just like another ‘school’, I’ll have to sit there with 30-35 students and the teacher will teach and I’ll have the same status in Maths. But my parents insisted that I joined and at least tried.

I think this was the turning point in my life. It might seem an exaggeration, but it’s true.

Unlike any professor, sir just didn’t teach; he made us love Maths. It’s his passion for the subject that made us passionate. It never felt like sir had ignored us because it was a big class. He knew each and everything that his students were doing in class and otherwise.

I would have never dreamed of being an engineer if not for Rohit sir.

10th was one of the milestones. From almost failing in Maths in 9th standard, I scored a 90 in my boards.

Maths in 11th and 12th is the building block especially for further studies and Rohit sir knew this fact, more than we did.

Concepts of calculus were grounded in us. We knew how to solve one sum in almost 5 different ways and I realized it’s importance only after getting into engineering college. We, in VM, were made to practice almost 50 sums per topic which reinforced our basics and for which I’ll always be grateful to VM.

I believe Maths transformed me. I remember sir always said Maths is a way of life. It’s a discipline. It defines what we do in life. I think that’s the greatest advice anyone has given me.

After joining college I have been doing various projects in upcoming fields like 3D printing etc and I think it would be impossible for me to do without loving Maths.

Vaishali Jog

Vidya Mandir, it was the most ideal place to have a learning experience. I think I was the 3rd student

And within no time our batch had as many as 30 students due to your excellent teaching abilities.

However there are 2 things that I really feel worth mentioning and it really inspires me.

The first being that I was really amazed that you had the guts to leave your home town and come all the way to Pune, a completely new place for you at least at that time, and start teaching. I think this came from the fact that You were so confident about your teaching abilities that gave you all the courage and confidence to start this Venture and follow your heart.

The second thing that really inspires me is that your ability to accept your criticism in a positive way.

I remember one incident when my brother, Vinayak has challenged one of the maths equations that you were

teaching and you just cooly said that if Vinayak could explain the logic you would accept it. I still remember that incident and it quite fascinates me that a teacher accepts his students criticism so easily.

I wish that Vidya Mandir grows to higher levels with every passing day

Gargee Deshpande

Vidya Mandir holds a very special place in my school life. The dreadful subject of Maths, in which I scored 27 on 80 in 8th class, seemed like an impossible task. I wasn’t very good with maths until Vidya Mandir happened.
I joined Vidya Mandir in 8th grade with weak basics but after some efforts on the basics, Sarin sir made Maths feel easier. Studying with him gives a certain motivation to perform better and his passion for maths makes it even more interesting to study with him. 9th was better considering I had good support for Maths and Science.
However, 10th grade was the highlight. Classes were very interesting and the healthy competition encouraged us to practice more by the day. Before the final exam, Sarin sir called my mom and told her that I would do well, and she wasn’t very sure looking at the history of my Maths scores but the results were a big surprise for her… I had scored 97 on 100 !
I am currently graduating in Commerce from Symbiosis college and pursuing Chartered Accountancy as well, and looking back, I realise that it was a great confidence booster to know my abilities and I shall always be extremely grateful to Rohit sir and Garima ma’am ! I hope many more students get the opportunity and the privilege to study with them, for its a beautiful experience to cherish, Vidya Mandir !

Utkarsha Gosavi

I joined Vidya Mandir in 11th standard.
My experiences with Vidya Mandir are truely special. First of all my sir, Mr. Rohit Sarin who was a complete guide and support to me during the two most difficult years of my life(11 & 12th). He made the two most difficult subjects maths and physics so much fun. I was a slow person in solving sums but due to his continuous focus on my work i improved drastically. He cleared all my concepts and believed in me. His confidence in me, made me arise from my idleness and forced me to explore, think, speak up for myself and excel.
Secondly i loved the environment of Vidya Mandir, the lively classroom, my friends, the casual and the serious talks in class with sir, the suspense while thinking for an answer to a physics situation. I loved solving maths sums in class where there was a time limit. Lets here not forget the loads of home assignments which he gave & the class tests, & the test series at the completion of 12th syllabus and the report card which actually, gifted their true most invaluable fruits, during final exams when the answers simply appeared in front of our eyes just like that as sir had said. How much I felt good when I had an answer to a question.
Thirdly I also miss my chemistry teacher who was always there for me and her kind and caring words to help me improve in chemistry.
Fourthy, I miss the parties we all had together with sir!
Last but not the least I would like to say that you would not find a better, more supportive, caring and excellent science and maths class anywhere else.
I will always miss being there.

Sanchit Nawal

Vidya Mandir has changed my life in ways I cannot imagine. I was a shy kid when I walked in through those doors during my 8th grade and I left being more confident of myself after my 12th. Vidya Mandir has not only made me excel in my academics, but it has also made me a better person in many ways.

Hats off to Rohit Sir and Garima ma’am for the immense number of hours they spend with the students preparing them for the world outside.

Prachi Arora

“Its been almost 4 years since the beautiful journey at Vidya Mandir. Yet, the memories are very distinct. The journey of going from a student who was disquieted by the mention of Math to someone who’s absolutely enjoyed the subject and being able to help out my peers and juniors in their difficulties, I owe it all to Sarin Sir. It wasn’t merely his elan of the subject, but his ability to understand the student’s weaknesses and help them grow overall as an individual, that has always been appreciated. The focus of all his classes wasn’t on how much you had scored on his papers but how much you had improved since the commencement of the classes. The experience is overwhelming and I’m always overcome with nostalgia when I cross the building, its always reminded me of how the preconceived notions of going to tuition were broken here, because we’ve had the utmost fun with friends and Sir. He’s more than just a teacher, hes your mentor. Not one class was complete without him offering advice on life and repeatedly telling you the importance of discipline. And indeed these lessons take you a long way.

A hearty congratulations to Sir on achieving so much and all our wishes to you in your future endeavors. I hope you continue to inspire many generations ahead of us. Thank you Sir !”

Anushree Gulati

My experience at Vidya Mandir has been lovely. The 4 years at this educational institute were memorable. Sir’s unique way of teaching and explaining the subjects has always been the best, and will always keep me away from making the silly mistakes I used to make in his class. Sir has always been encouraging and has made the subjects interesting to learn without much of a burden. Sir moulds the students and brings out the best in each.

I will always be indebted to Rohiet Sir and Garima Ma’am for their tireless efforts towards the success of each of their students. Apart from academics, the get together sessions were truly enthralling.

Thank you sir for making the 4 years special and memorable. Wishing you good luck for your future endeavours.

Nikhil Madhu

Having spent 3 years in Vidya Mandir, I definitely grew to become a better and mature person. The teaching methods of Sarin sir are indescribable. Because of him I was able to score high marks in my 10th and 12th boards and was able to get into one of the top colleges. The time I spent there was totally amazing and the friends I made there were even better. Vidya Mandir indeed has a very special place in my heart will always bring a smile on my face when I hear it’s name.

Jagmeet Singh

My experience of vidya mandir was amazing. We used to get individual attention, unlike other coaching classes. Sir used to be very supportive towards us and entertained any kind of doubt from us. The best thing I liked was, sir made the class very interactive and kept the class lively ! And I would say that if you want to score well in maths or free yourself from the maths phobia , then you have got to learn maths from sir. He has the best and simple methods of making the students understand it. It really helped me a lot in my competitive exams and because of sir I can say that today, I am strong at mathematics. Lastly I’ll say that just have blind faith on sir and surely you’ll land up in some good institute.


To be honest I never liked going to tuition/coaching classes. I felt it was all about studying the same thing again and again till they were by heart. I used to think ‘wohi cheez kaun firse padhega, dimag kharab’.

I joined Vidya Mandir in 9th grade only because my mom forced me to. Initially, I wasn’t willing to attend the classes, but attended for my mother’s sake. First few days were really boring for me. But, as time passed I started enjoying Garima ma’am’s teaching, company of new friends and soon realized that Vidya Mandir was not only about books. The lectures were made interactive, jokes were cracked, extra topics were discussed, treats were given by Sarin Sir. We had a small party in 12th grade.

From 10th onward Rohit Sir taught us mathematics. He explained all the topics in the easiest way possible and made intricate concepts very easy for us to understand. All we had to do was concentrate for sometime and then apply the concepts in problems. It was really simple.

11th and 12th were my best two years in Vidya Mandir. By this time I had realized that my preconceived notions about tuition classes were false. I was really enjoying. Sir, you made integration and differentiation and 3-D geometry as easy as ABCD.. for me. Those extra classes for AIEEE were really beneficial.

Thanks a lot for the efforts you put in for us. You are one of the best teachers I have ever had. You were also a mentor and a guide to us.

He is at par excellence and a dedicated teacher with practical approach when it comes to teaching maths.

I remember those times when he used to write ‘Jai Hind’ instead of ‘Hence Proved’, a good way to instill patriotism in students.eh?!

My sister Prutha was also a part of Vidya Mandir family. She speaks very highly of Rohit Sir as he

had helped her personally in understanding the concepts of maths.

My journey of life had made a stop at Vidya Mandir, from where I left with a box full of memories and knowledge. I knew how to swim in a calm pond Sir taught me how to survive in the rough ocean.

I wish him all the very best for his career.

Thank you Sir.

Saket Dixit

I joined this wonderful place in 9th. It was the first coaching class I had attended, so I was highly skeptical of it at first. As time went by, I was astounded to see that the other students were all nearly as intelligent as me, or better. It almost seemed as if they didn’t need coaching classes.

Honestly, I have never met a teacher who teaches as well as Sarren Sir. He makes even the boring topics of maths feel fun. And the homework he gives ensures that we don’t waste our time more than required. Even if you consider yourself extremely intelligent, without hard work, you cannot hope to get average marks in his tests.

I convey my heartiest gratitude to Sir and Mam for the faith they showed in me. Thank you and regards.

Kanika Kapur

I was enrolled for Maths classes in Vidya Mandir in 2009-2010 (Class XI and Class XII). The classes in Vidya Mandir were excellent and the sole factor in establishing my fundamentals in advanced mathematics. My fascination for numbers was stimulated at Vidya Mandir and helped me to take a step towards my final goal of being a Chartered Accountant. These classes helped me secure 96% in Mathematics in Class XII as a result of which I could secure admission to B.Com (Hons) at Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, New Delhi. The fundamentals built up at Vidya Mandir helped me in clearing my CPT and IPCC (both groups) in the Chartered Accountancy course and I am presently pursuing Articleship after completing my Graduation before appearing for the CA Final Examination which will give me the final push to my ultimate dream of being an accomplished Chartered Accountant. I thank Vidya Mandir for realizing my dream.

Niharika Jha

My experiences with Vidya Mandir……. if I start writing each and every one of them, I would end up writing a thesis and if I forgot to mention even a single one I would not do justice to this column. Let us just say that I consider my 12th std to be the best year of my life and Vidya Mandir played a major role in it.

I would like to thank Sarin sir and everybody I met in Vidya Mandir for all the wonderful memories that I will cherish throughout my life.

Sanober Siddiqui

Its difficult to put down our Vidya Mandir experience in a few words. Apart from the studies we also had a lot of fun there. Almost our entire batch from APS attended Vidya Mandir, so it was more of a get-together after school! Your tests and homework were taken more seriously than school tests and I must confess that I completed most of my homework in the parking-lot just before entering the class! Sadaf, my sister, also gives you all the credit for her performance in Maths.

Paloma Sodhi

It was really great having Sarin sir and Garima ma’am as mentors.

The concepts that were taught, especially in Maths and Physics, not only helped me in my 10th standard boards but also laid a very strong foundation for my 11th/12th and competitive exams. I still remember the awesome test series at the end of the 10th standard. I really learnt a lot from them 🙂

And I still remember the times whenever someone had to give a treat, we all would go and have a 5 Rupees softy at ABC Farms after our class at Vidya Mandir 😛

Thanks a lot sir and ma’am for all your guidance, encouragement and support.

Satarupa Barma

I was in Class IX when I first heard of Vidya Mandir, and Mr. Rohit Sarin. I’d heard he was very very good, but I’d heard that about most coaching classes and other tuition places, so I didn’t really believe it at first. However, when my Maths marks started dipping in my school exams, I was compelled to visit Sarin Sir. I was pleasantly surprised firstly, to see how young he was, considering most well-known classes have elderly teachers. Within six months of joining Vidya Mandir, or “VM”, I regretted not having joined earlier.

Firstly, Vidya Mandir is NOT a place for those people who want to join a class for the sake of it and are not serious about the subject. Homework is taken very seriously here, and things like paying attention in class and “bunking” for no apparent reason. That said that Vidya Mandir is THE BEST place you can go, if you want to truly develop a liking for the subject. Sarin Sir makes Maths an interesting subject, the way he teaches it with his classroom atmosphere, his methods, his immense patience, personalized attention, and of course his jokes! He is brilliant at his subject and makes sure no student in class is left with any doubts. He has an intuitive mind for possible questions in examinations and more often than not, his predicted questions appear in the examinations!

Most importantly, however, unlike the millions of other coaching classes here, Vidya Mandir focuses not only on MARKS, but also on concept building and liking for the subject. Getting a 100 in my Maths Board Examinations was a distant dream, but my hard work and Sarin Sir’s dedication made it possible. I’m thankful to him, to Garima Ma’am for her ready smiles and equally good teaching, and above all to Vidya Mandir for making me confident in life.

It s been a year since I last saw Vidya Mandir, and it still brings a smile to my face, and a sense of gratitude at having been a student there. My marks in both the Board exams have been all due to him, his guidance and faith in me, and his dedication to all his students. Vidya Mandir was and will always remain a special place, and I hope it continues to do as well as it always has. In the true Sarin Sir style,


Sanjana Nair

“Vidya Mandir was a part of some of the best times I have had during my school. I have never looked forward to attending tuition classes like I did when I studied here.”

Payal Singh

Before I joined Vidya Mandir I always hated maths because I thought I am really bad at it. But after joining Vidya Mandir and getting personal attention from sir I started doing really well in Maths and it’s still my most favourite subject. I’ll always be grateful to sir for helping me get over my Maths phobia. More than practice, it was his encouragement and belief in me that helped me do well.

Junaid Mohammed

I loved going 2 Vidya Mandir…I used to be weak in Maths but because of Sarin sir my maths improved a lot. He is a great teacher. His way of explaining is awesome and you never get bored in his class.

Bharat Kumar Singh

The experience at Vidya Mandir provided me a scope to discover my hidden potential. It enabled me to try out new things in life. The academic training provided here, prepared me to face any stask and problem of Maths. I joined NDA after that, passed out in June 2009 last year.

Sunaina Nair

I have spent 3 years of my schooling in Vidya Mandir and have learnt a lot. Rohit sir is one of the best teachers I have had. The methodology of Vidya Mandir has taught me to be punctual and how to systematically approach my study regime. The regular tests not only gave us revision from time to time but also a competitive spirit to do well.

Aditi Lakhe

I was a student in Vidya Mandir for 2 years (11th, 12th) and I just have one word for Rohit Sir, amazing. He truly is a wonderful and inspiring guide and teacher. He made Maths and Physics fun for us and never ignored even one doubt. Though it’s been 3 years now, I still miss going to Vidya Mandir with my friends and miss Sir as well. Thank u Sir. Thanks to u I know calculus 🙂

Abha Kapur

I studied at Vidya Mandir in 2005 for a year and within that short time learnt a lot from Rohit sir n Garima ma’am. All that I learnt there, is going a long way. Thank you for your guidance n the passion and discipline you instilled into me.

Prachi Bhargava

Dear Rohit Sir and Garima Ma’am, You have been the one and only guiding light for us in all our tough times, and as your sincere students, we promise to let the light shine on us forever.

Shipra Venkatesh

Thank you Sir so much for everything you have done, not just for me, but for all of us. I have always had problems with Maths but you have made it so simple and easy to understand. You have not just made us good students but good human beings as well. Words cannot express all the gratitude that I have for you.

Akshay Chaturvedi

I had an amazing experience in Vidya Mandir. I was there from class 8th till Class 12th. It was an amazing coaching centre. I would have never been able to do well in my class 10th Maths and Class 12th Physics if it wasn’t for this coaching centre. I wish Vidya Mandir all the best for the future.

Rishav Mishra

I was in Vidya Mandir for a year in my 10th standard in 2005. I really enjoyed the classes and learnt a lot from them. Sir has very good teaching abilities and is a good speaker as well. I used to be in the middle of my class when I started going to Vidya Mandir, but eventually got 90.83% in my boards, which was one of the best in Hutchings. I was All India Rank 499 in the IIT-JEE. I also liked Sir’s jokes a lot!